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Article #26 New Inventory Items or Price Changes are Not Updated on the Handheld Computer

Answer: Inventory records are typically the largest database that a company needs to maintain. To speed up the sync process, only changes in quantity levels are regularly shared through Solid MultiConnect to speed up the sync process. This simple sync session is referred to as a regular sync. Once a week, on a mobile unit’s first sync after Thursday, all records including new inventory items and prices will be sent to Solid Sales Pro as well in a full sync. This additional inventory information is referred to as the price list.

If the price list needs to be sent to the mobile units prior to this automatic, post Thursday full sync, this process can be manually set by adjusting the 'Reload Price List' field in the handheld computer's mobile unit record. Follow the steps below for how to set this option within your Solid Route Accounting business system. If, after performing the steps below, the prices and items are still not being updated in Solid Sales Pro, there could be another cause for the problem such as the item belonging to an inventory filter, a Special Price List (SPL), or Approved Product List (APL), which is blocking the item from updating onto the handheld computer

Enterprise Edition Users:

To set the 'Reload Price List' option in Solid Business Central, navigate to [Datafile / Cost Center / Mobile]. Use the [F6 - Update] key, as show in the menu choices along the bottom, which will display a prompt asking, "Set price list update flag for: This route (t), All routes (a), or No routes (n)?"

By choosing 't' for this route, the 'Reload Prc Lst' field should have 'Yes' beside it, which indicates that upon this mobile unit record's next sync, the full price list is to be sent to Solid Sales Pro. By choosing ‘a’ for all routes, this flag will be set to Yes for all mobile unit records. Once a mobile unit has synched, this flag will automatically change back to No for that mobile unit record, so that the sync process can be sped up once again.

for QuickBooks,
Microsoft Dynamics GP Edition,
Dynamic 3i Edition,
FACTS Edition,
Eyewear Genetics Edition,
Integration Edition Users:

Open Solid Mobile Central and navigate to [Mobile / Configuration]. From the listing of mobile unit records along the top, choose the desired record and locate the 'Reload Price List' field. Ensure there is a checkmark in this field, and use the [Apply] button to save this change. This mobile unit record will now always reload the price list with every sync, until such a time that this checkmark is manually removed in the same way.

Last modified on 21 Feb 2018

Additional Info

  • Software Components: Solid Business Central, Solid Mobile Central
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