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Article #24 Do Close Cash Out Reports Need to be Printed Before the Handheld Computer is Synched?

Answer: The Close Cash Out Report generated from within Solid Sales Pro is intended to report on all invoices and Received On Accounts (ROA) created at the end of a work period. Finalized transactions are taken off of Solid Sales Pro when the handheld computer is synced, and brought into the office accounting system through Solid MultiConnect. Because the Close Cash Out Report is reliant upon those transactions, that means this report must be printed before the handheld computer is synced. At the end of printing a Close Cash Out Report, the option will be asked to finalize this cash out. If the route sales person chooses to finalize the cash out, then all transactions included on the Close Cash Out Report will not be included on any future cash outs created in Solid Sales Pro.


Enterprise Edition Users:

Close Cash Out Reports can also be printed from Solid Business Central, for any cost center in the system, from within the Sales screen.

  1. Once inside the 'Sales' screen, press the [ESCAPE] key and answer 'Yes' to the following two messages, "Cancel this Invoice", and, "Cancel Billing".
    This will change the menu along the bottom to the 'Sales Services Menu'.
  2. As this menu indicates, use the [F4 - Cash Out] key to be taken to the Cash Out Options menu, from which [F4 - Cash Out] can be used once again to begin the cash out process. To begin, enter the workstation and unit number (Cost Center) to be reported on. If the company has no workstations, leave the 'Workstation' field at '01'. In the 'Unit #' field, enter in the cost center number to report on, and use [CTRL+END] to continue.
  3. Set the invoice and purchase order number for this report to print up to in the 'Last Number' fields. The starting numbers, or 'First Number' fields, will automatically be set to the last transaction numbers included on a Close Cash Out Report printed from Solid Business Central.
  4. A list of transactions that make up the Close Cash Out Report can be printed by setting the 'Print Cash Out Detail' option to 'Y-Yes', and the name of the customer that each transaction was created for can be printed by answering 'Y-Yes' to 'Print Customer Information'.

  5. Use [CTRL+END] to continue and print out the Close Cash Out Report summary. Similar to within Solid Sales Pro, the question will display asking if this cash out is to be finalized. If the answer is yes, then all transactions included on this cash out will never be included on any future Close Cash Out Report.

For Enterprise Edition Users, Close Cash Out Reports should first be printed from Solid Sales Pro to make the drivers accountable to turn in all necessary paperwork and payments in an orderly and timely fashion. Second, it's also good accounting practice to print Close Cash Out Reports at the administrative level in Solid Business Central for the same period to confirm that all transactions that route sales people have turned in have also been synced into the main system, and verify that both Close Cash Outs Reports have the same balance.

Last modified on 21 Feb 2018

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  • Software Components: Solid Sales Pro
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