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Article #21 Error 18: Table Not Found or Invalid

Description: When entering Solid Sales Pro™ on the handheld computer, an error message displays informing the route sales person, "Error 18: Table not found or invalid.

By using the [OK] button to continue, an 'About Satellite Forms' screen will display with an [OK] button as well. Using that [OK] button will result in a screen that simply says, "Load Failed."

Resolution: Solid Sales Pro uses a series of tables that contain all the company's information. During a sync session, these tables are transferred between the handheld computer and the office computer. If the sync session ends prematurely, it's possible that one of these tables did not make it back to the handheld computer safely, which will cause this error.

  1. To resolve this error, all that is required is to sync the handheld computer once again, and ensure that the sync session is completed successfully.
  2. If the problem persists, try setting that handheld computer's mobile unit record to be Reinitialized, and try the sync again.

Prevention: Route sales people often discover this error after departing their office. The only way to resolve it is to successfully sync the handheld computer once again. This can be prevented with the following work habits:

  • When a sync is completed, the handheld computer will display a message such as 'Sync operation complete' or 'Done: Successful'. If a warning displays indicating that a problem occurred during the sync process, or if the message displayed at the end would indicate that an error occurred, such as 'Sync operation interrupted', then the handheld computer needs to be synced once again until a successful sync session is completed.
  • Before a route sales person leaves the warehouse, or location at which they sync their handheld computer, ensure that they can log into the Solid Sales Pro program before departing.

Last modified on 21 Feb 2018

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  • Software Components: Solid Sales Pro
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