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Article #101: How to Create a New Mobile Unit Record in Solid Mobile Central?

Answer: Using handheld computers to create invoices in the field is what really gives Solid Route Accounting business system owners a competitive advantage. Each handheld computer operates by settings regulated in its mobile unit record, which resides in Solid Mobile Central. Note that the number of mobile unit records that a business is allowed is controlled by their license file.

If additional mobile unit licenses are required, please contact a Solid Innovation Product Specialist who will be happy to assist you with any questions and pricing regarding this licensing. For additional details on how to set up a new mobile unit record please view the Video Tutorial for Employee and Mobile Unit Setup, which includes descriptions of all the Mobile Configuration Options and Properties.

  1. In Solid Mobile Central, under [Mobile / Information], use the [Add] button to create a new mobile unit record. Select a ‘Route #’ and Description for this new record, as well as choose an employee and supervisor by setting the ‘Emp ID and Sup ID’ fields respectively.
  2. The ‘Customer Routes’ field can be used to specify what customers, belonging to which Customer Route Groups, will be loaded onto this handheld computer. All customers will be loaded by writing the word ‘ALL’ in this field, or specific Customer Route Groups can entered by separating them by commas, such as 002,004,005.
  3. Printer Type’ sets what kind of printer this handheld computer will be printing to. The most common types are type 1 – Epson/Compatible for full page 8.5” x 11” invoice printers, or type 4 – O’Neil 4” Printpad for 4” thermal slip printers. Also set how many ‘Invoice Copies’ need to print at a time, and when all the settings are in place, use the [Apply] button to add this new record.
  4. Often, mobile unit records being added to an existing system have settings that mirror those of existing records. If so, take the time to copy down the [Mobile / Configuration] and [Mobile / Properties] settings of an existing mobile unit record so they can also be used for this new record, to make data entry easier.
  5. To continue with setting up this new mobile unit record, navigate to [Mobile / Configuration], and ensure that this new mobile unit record is still selected from the list of records at the top of the screen. Set these Configuration options as needed, and use the [Apply] button to save these changes.
  6. Lastly, navigate to [Mobile / Properties] and select what licensing properties this mobile unit record will have. When completed, use the [Apply] button to save these changes, and then use the [Reinitialize] button to set the ‘Reinit’ column for this mobile unit record to Y for Yes to prepare for the new handheld computer’s first synchronization.

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