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Article #316 Signature Capture

Solid Sales Pro™ allows sales persons to capture signatures and optionally the signer's name on transactions.


Solid Route Accounting™ provides a number of options for signature capture on the Settings page of Firstly, you can select what kind of capture you would like:

  1. Disabled - no signature is captured
  2. Signature only - this will just capture a signature
  3. Signature and Name - this option will capture a signature and optionally capture a name

Signature Capture Settings

In addition to the type of signature capture, you can specify whether or not to capture a signature on Orders.

Capturing a Signature in Solid Sales Pro™

In Solid Sales Pro™ after creating a transaction and tapping on the [Save] button on the 1100 Create Transaction screen you will get to the signature canvas:

Signature Canvas

You can use a finger or stylus to capture a signature on this screen. This screen 3 icons on it:

  • Check mark - this will save the signature and proceed to the next screen
  • Bin - this will clear the canvas, and allow you to re-capture a signature
  • Cancel - this will cancel the signature capture and proceed to the next screen

If the "Signature and Name" option was chosen in the Settings, then the 1152 Saving screen will be displayed. On this screen you can:

  1. Enter the signer's name or employee number
  2. Tap the [Back] button to re-capture a signature
  3. Tap the [Save] button to save this transaction

Signature Name

The signature, and optionally the signer's name, will be printed at the bottom of the transaction just above the transaction messages.

Signature View

Reviewing and Reprinting Transaction with Signatures

There are two ways to review and reprint transactions with a signature. The first is from Solid Sales Pro ™ from the [View All Transactions] menu.

Alternatively, you can log into and navigate to the Transactions menu. To view the signature just hover over the VIEW link in the Signature column. To reprint or email a transaction, select the transaction and click on the [Print], [PDF] or [Send] button.


Last modified on Thursday, 15 February 2018 16:23

Additional Info

  • Software Components: Solid Sales Pro
  • Business Systems: Cloud Edition
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