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Article #306 Solid Sales Pro Transaction Numbers

Solid Sales Pro™ uniquely numbers each transaction it creates using the following format: xxx.A000000, where:

xxx is the mobile number and is used to uniquely identify the mobile that generated the transaction and can be up to 3 alpha-numeric characters. By default it will use 3 digits. This can be changed on the Mobiles screen on

A indicates what type of transaction it is: B – billing transaction (invoice, order, credit, payment), O – order transactions, C – inventory count sheets, T – inventory stock transfers, S – Solid Survey™ transaction. This cannot be changed.

000000 a 6-digit sequential number for each mobile number. This cannot be changed.

To ensure no duplicate transaction numbers are created it is suggested that you do not use this numbering system for transactions created in your ERP system (e.g. QuickBooks®, SYSPRO, etc.)

Last modified on Friday, 27 April 2018 17:11

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  • Software Components: Solid Mobile Central, Solid Sales Pro
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