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Article #305 How to Use the One-time Price Override Feature

Price Override

The One-time Price Override feature allows system administrators to provide sales reps with unique 10-digit code that will allow the sales rep to override prices in Solid Sales Pro™. For more information on this optionally licensed feature, please do not hesitate to email a Solid Innovation Product Specialist or call 1-888-667-3769 ext 2.

Obtaining the One-time Price Override Code:

Log into SolidRouteAccounting.com:

  1. Select the Handheld tab
  2. Open the Price Override Code screen
  3. To generate a new override code click on the [Create New] button
  4. Select the mobile that this price override code should apply to
  5. Enter a reason for generating the override code
  6. Select the type of price override the sales rep is allowed to use:
    1. Invoice level discounts, up to the maximum allowed percentage
    2. Ability to edit prices
    3. Ability to edit suggested retail prices (SRP)

      Note: these overrides will apply to the transaction on which the Price Override Code was entered, and be reset to the mobile’s default values after the transaction is saved.

  7. Then click on [Generate]
  8. A 10-digit override code (XXXXX-XXXXX) is displayed at the top of the screen
    Price Override Code

Provide this code to the sales rep to allow them to override prices.

Entering the One-time Price Override Code in Solid Sales Pro™:

If this feature is enabled, Solid Sales Pro™ will display an [Override] button on the 1120 Set Bill Options and 1135 Item Details screens.

To enter and authenticate the one-time price override tap on the [Override] button, this will load the 1121 Price Override Code screen. Enter the 10-digit code (XXXXX-XXXXX) and tap on [Save]. If the code as successfully authenticate Solid Sales Pro™ will return to the previous screen with the authorised overrides enabled. If the code cannot be authenticated or was already used Solid Sales Pro™ will display an error to the Sales Rep.

Note: the price override code can only be used on the day it was generated and only be used once.

Last modified on 20 May 2020

Additional Info

  • Software Components: Solid Mobile Central, Solid Sales Pro
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