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Article #299 Cloud Edition - Mobile Stock Transfers

An important part of Inventory Management is to monitor what inventory is transferred between which warehouses/cost centers. The most efficient way to do this is by creating Inventory/Stock Transfers from Solid Sales Pro™, which allow quantities to be transferred between cost centers by using a traceable and printable transaction.

To create any inventory transfer using a mobile computer the user logged into Solid Sales Pro™ must be a Supervisor. If the user logged in is not a supervisor you can only view existing stock transfers.

NOTE: in order to use Stock Transfers in conjunction with QuickBooks® you will need to run QuickBooks® Enterprise with Advanced Inventory.

For more information on creating user login for Solid Sales Pro™, please read Solid Know How™ Article #278 Setting Up Passwords for Solid Sales Pro™.


You will need to enable Stock Transfers for the mobiles, to do this:
  1. Log into SolidRouteAccounting.com
  2. Navigate to the Mobiles screen
  3. Select the mobile to edit, and click on [Edit]
  4. Place a check-mark next to "Can create Stock Transfers"
  5. Click on [Save]

Solid Sales Pro™

  1. To begin, log into Solid Sales Pro™, and from the 0000 Main Menu tap on [Stock Operations / Create Stock Transfer].
  2. From the 2400 Create Stock Transfer screen, select [Change] button to select the source and destination warehouse/cost centers from the drop-down list.
  3. To begin the inventory transfer creation process, select [Add].
  4. On the 2410 Add Items screen begin adding items to this Inventory Transfer. Items are added to this transfer in the exact same way that they are added to an invoice. Inventory can be either added by barcode scanning from this screen, use the [+] button to manually add items from a list, or enter a value into the quantity boxes.
  5. On the 2415 Item Details screen, in addition to the item's details, the "Currently in" field shows how much is currently in this cost center, and the "Qty to Transfer" field is used to enter how much is being either transferred to or transferred from the other cost center. Just like creating an invoice transaction, positive quantities indicate the inventory is being taken out from the source warehouse/cost center, and being transferred to the destination warehouse/cost center. To bring inventory onto this truck/cost center, use negative quantities (just like accepting an item return from a customer).
  6. Once all items have been added, from the 2410 Add Items screen use [Back] button to return to the 2400 Create Stock Transfer screen.
  7. Use the [Save] button to save this Inventory Transfer to the mobile computer's memory and apply the quantity changes to this mobile computer. Once saved, sync the mobile computer at the nearest opportunity to apply this transfer throughout Solid Route Accounting™.

Solid Fusion™

Now that the mobile(s) have synchronized the stock transfers to SolidRouteAccounting.com you will need to export these stock transfers to the accounting system, such QuickBooks®. To do this:

  1. Open Solid Fusion™
  2. Click on the [Sync Now]
  3. Solid Fusion™ will now export Stock Transfers to the accounting system

Last modified on 15 Feb 2018

Additional Info

  • Software Components: Solid Mobile Central, Solid Sales Pro
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