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Article #298 Cloud Edition - Mobile Stock Counts

Regular inventory counts are a great way to monitor inventory shrinkage within any warehouse/cost center. Counting inventory for mobile cost centers is especially crucial to reducing shrinkage and ensuring that the route sales person's levels are accurate, since these mobile cost centers are the most at risk. Inventory counts for mobile cost centers are not only easy to do, thanks to barcode scanning, but when planned at the end of a work period such as at the end of a week or month, the trucks have less inventory to count, making this procedure just that much faster and easier.

When making an inventory count for a cost center, it's important that no transactions are created for that cost center during the counting process to ensure the inventory levels that are being counted are accurate until the count is applied. To create any inventory count using a handheld computer the user logged into Solid Sales Pro™ must be a Supervisor. If the user logged in is not a supervisor you can only view existing count sheets.

For more information on creating user login for Solid Sales Pro™, please read Solid Know How™ Article #278 Setting Up Passwords for Solid Sales Pro™.

NOTE: in order to use Stock Counts in conjunction with QuickBooks® you will need to run QuickBooks® Enterprise with Advanced Inventory.

You will need to enable Stock Transfers for the mobiles, to do this:
  1. Log into
  2. Navigate to the Mobiles screen
  3. Select the mobile to edit, and click on [Edit]
  4. Place a check-mark next to "Can create Stock Counts"
  5. Click on [Save]

Solid Sales Pro™

When counting inventory for a mobile cost center, it's best to use that mobile cost center's handheld computer to do the inventory count. This will allow the count to be saved and applied immediately as a Partial Count, Full Count or Zero Count.

  1. Once logged into Solid Sales Pro™, navigate to [Stock Operations / Create Stock Count].
  2. On the 2300 Create Stock Count screen you will see what type of count it is (e.g. Partial, Full or Zero), as well as for which warehouse this count is for.
    1. Partial Counts are used to count a portion of a cost center's inventory. When a Partial Count is saved and applied, it only adjusts the inventory levels of the items that were included on that count and will ignore all other items that were omitted.
    2. Full Counts are used when counting a cost center's entire inventory. Because the idea behind a Full Count is that all inventory in a cost center has been included in the count, all inventory that was not included on the count will be set to 0 (zero) quantity.
    3. Zero Counts are used to zero all quantities for all inventory items in the selected warehouse.

      NOTE: exporting Full Counts or Zero Counts to QuickBooks® may take long to process depending on the amount of items in the system.

  3. To change the options tap on the [Change] button
  4. When ready, use the [Add] button to begin counting. The counting process is very similar to creating an invoice. Barcodes can be scanned from the 2310 Add Items screen, or manually added by using the [+] button or entering the counted quantity into the text box. When counting inventory, the expected "Qty on Hand" will show for each item, and enter into the "Present Count" field the quantity that actually exists. For example, if the "Currently in warehouse" for an item is -5, but there are actually 12 in the cost center, then in the "New Quantity" field enter the number 12.
  5. When finished counting inventory, use the [Save] button from the 2300 Create Stock Count screen to save the count sheet.
  6. Once an inventory count has been saved, it is important to sync the handheld computer before creating any other transactions. This will ensure the integrity of the count will not be marred by other inventory sales, purchases, or transfers.
  7. If the count was saved as a Partial or Full Count, the changes to the inventory levels will be applied immediately during a successful sync.

Performing Full Inventory Counts regularly is the easiest and most effective method of tracking shrinkage within a business. By making them part of a weekly or monthly schedule, inventory shrinkage can be kept to a minimal amount for any business.

Solid Fusion™

Now that the handheld(s) have synchronized the count sheets to you will need to export these count sheets to the accounting system, such QuickBooks®. To do this:

  1. Open Solid Fusion™
  2. Click on the [Sync Now]
  3. Solid Fusion™ will now export Stock Count Sheets to the accounting system

    NOTE: exporting Full Counts or Zero Counts to QuickBooks® may take long to process depending on the amount of items in the system.

Last modified on 15 Feb 2018

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  • Software Components: Solid Mobile Central, Solid Sales Pro
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