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Article #280 Configuring Solid Route Accounting™ for the Phasing Out of the Penny

From February 4, 2013 the Royal Canadian Mint will no longer distribute pennies. In order for Solid Route Accounting™ to correctly round up or down to the nearest 5 cents for cash transactions you will need to create a new rounding item.

Note: rounding will only occur on Invoices (B), open Orders (O) and Credits (E) that have a cash payment type. Rounding will not occur on Received on Accounts (R).

In Solid Business Central™:

  1. Create a new labour item department for the rounding part:
    1. Navigate to [Datafile / Department / View]
    2. Press the key to add a new department
    3. Ensure the [Type] field is set to "L" for Labour
    4. If you would like the rounding adjustments to be captured in a separate GL account, enter this account in all 6 of the GL Integration Number fields, otherwise use the sales account
  2. Add a new part
    1. Navigate to [Datafile / Inventory / View]
    2. Press the key to add a new part
    3. Ensure to assign it to the newly created department
  3. Enable the rounding feature
    1. Navigate to [System / Configure / Company / Settings]
    2. In the "Penny Item" field select the newly created penny rounding item

      Note: if this field is left blank, no rounding will take place

In Solid Mobile Central™:

  1. In the ERP system create a "Other Charge" item that will be used in the rounding process
  2. Run Solid Fusion™ to import this newly created item
  3. Open Solid Mobile Central™
  4. Navigate to [Company / Configuration]
  5. On the [Invoicing] tab, select the newly created item in the "Penny Item" field

    Note: if this field is left blank, no rounding will take place

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  • Software Components: Solid Business Central, Solid Mobile Central
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