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Article #278 Setting Up Users and Passwords for Solid Sales Pro

In QuickBooks® create a new Sales Rep by:

  1. Click on [Lists / Customer & Vendor Profile Lists / Sales Rep List]
  2. Click on [Sales Rep / New]
  3. Enter the Sales Rep's name
  4. When QuickBooks® says this is a new Sales Rep select [Set Up]
  5. Then select [Employee] as the Name Type, and click [OK]

    Note: be sure to select employee and not other, as you cannot assign a password to other

  6. You can optionally complete the "Personal" and "Address and Contact" tabs
  7. On the "Additional Info" tab, click on the [Define Fields] button

    Note: this will only have to be done the very first time.

  8. Enter a new label "Password" and add a check-mark under the Empl column, and click [OK]
  9. You now have a Custom Field called "Password", in this field enter the mobile password for this Sales Rep
  10. Click [OK] to save the information
  11. Repeat these steps for all Sales Reps
  12. Open Solid Fusion™ and click [Sync Now]

Next log into

  1. Navigate to Settings screen
  2. For the "Employee Password Field" select the newly created employee custom field
  3. Now enable the "Require Mobile Login" setting
  4. Click [Save]

If you need to mark a particular user as supervisor (important for mobile stock operations) then navigate to the Users tab:

  1. Select the user from the list
  2. On the User – Details screen click on [Edit]
  3. Check the "Supervisor" checkbox and click [Save]

Now syncronise your mobile(s) by tapping on [Settings / Sync Now]. After the sync is complete:

  1. Close Solid Sales Pro™
  2. For Android users:
    1. Open the mobile's Settings app
    2. Navigate to "Manage apps"
    3. Select Solid Sales Pro™
    4. Tap on [Force stop]
    5. Exit the Settings app
  3. For iOS users:
    1. Double tap on the Home button
    2. Locate Solid Sales Pro™
    3. Swipe up to close Solid Sales Pro™
    4. Return to the devices home screen
  4. Tap on the Solid Sales Pro™ icon
  5. You will now be prompted to select a Sales Rep and enter the associated password

Any transactions created under this login will be assigned to the selected Sales Rep.

Last modified on Friday, 27 April 2018 17:14

Additional Info

  • Software Components: Solid Sales Pro
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