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Article #276 Janam XM ROM Update Procedures

Occasionally, Janam Technologies develops updates to the Janam XM series of handheld computers delivered by downloadable ROMs. ROMs can be thought of as a ‘chunk of information’ that, when installed into the Janam handheld computer, will help the computer hardware inside it to operate better than before.

If you receive notification from Solid Innovation® that a new ROM is available for installation with Janam XM handheld computers, then please follow the downloadable 'Janam XM66 How-to Update ROM.pdf' instructions found in the ‘Attachments’ area below.

Note: always be sure to sync the handheld computer first to bring all unsaved data into the Solid Route Accounting™ business system being used.

Solid Innovation recommends the use of ROM version 1.04 on the Janam XM66 handhelds (Note: this is only applicable to the model number XM66W-1NGFBR00 - you can locate the model number under the battery). This version can be downloaded by clicking on this link.

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