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Article #274 Multi-Vendor for QuickBooks Custom Invoice Numbering Scheme

In certain cases the Multi-Vendor™ may require that invoice numbers conform to a specific numbering scheme. Fortunately, Solid Route Accounting™ for QuickBooks® now has the ability to specify a specific numbering scheme on a per vendor (supplier) basis.

Vendor (Supplier) Record Configuration

In order to define a specific invoice numbering scheme for a particular Multi-Vendor™ supplier, you need to add two custom fields to the vendor record:

  1. Select the Vendor Center from the Navigation menu
  2. Edit the Multi-Vendor™
  3. Click on the Additional Info tab
  4. Click on the Define Fields button
  5. Enter “MVInvoice” as the label of the custom field. Note the spelling and capitalization.
  6. Enter “MVAlloc” as the label of the custom field. Note the spelling and capitalization.
  7. Put a check mark on the Vendor column for both fields
  8. Then click OK
  9. Now you will need to define the specific invoice numbering scheme for this Multi-Vendor™. For example if the numbering scheme consists of an identifying customer code like 987, followed by a 5-digit sequential invoice number, then enter the following into the custom field MVInvoice: 98700001-98799999.


    • The maximum invoice number length is 11-digits
    • The invoice number can only contain digits, no letters or special characters
  10. Next you will need to define the number of invoice numbers that will be loaded onto a mobile handled at each sync session, by default this is 15. In order to determine this number consider how often the handhelds get syncronised (e.g. daily or weekly) and during this period how often are invoices generated for this particular Multi-Vendor™. For example, if the handhelds syncronise every week, and on average there are two invoices per day for this Multi-Vendor™, then a value of 15 or 20 would be a suitable number for the MVAlloc field.

    Note: If Solid Sales Pro™ runs out of custom invoice numbers, it will revert back to the standard invoice numbering scheme, e.g. 001.B101010.

Last modified on 27 Apr 2018

Additional Info

  • Software Components: Solid Mobile Central
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