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Article #265 Installation Instructions for Solid Route Accounting™ - Integration Edition

Backup Before you Begin!

It is sound business and computing practice to perform a FULL backup prior to beginning any installation or upgrade procedure.

  1. synchronize all mobile units to ensure that all transaction information has been submitted to the main accounting system.
  2. Exit from the Solid Mobile Central, Solid Fusion and Solid MultiConnect programs from all workstations.
  3. At the Server, enter the Solid Mobile Central program and select menu path ‘Backup’ and proceed with the on screen instructions.

Installation Procedures

Solid Route Accounting - Integration Edition is available for downloading from the Solid Innovation website. A DSL or Cable high speed Internet connection is recommended for downloading. If you do not have an Internet connection or are using a Dialup Internet service, please contact Solid Client Services for assistance.

  1. syncronize all mobile units to ensure that all transaction information has been submitted to the main accounting system.
  2. Exit from Solid Mobile Central, Solid Fusion and Solid MultiConnect at all workstations.
  3. Create a current backup of the Solid Route Accounting system by starting Solid Mobile Central and clicking on the [Backup] menu option.
  4. Please email a Solid Product Specialist to obtain a software download link. Click on the [Download] link. Select [Save] and store the installer to a hard drive location on your computer (e.g. C:\Si\). Locate and double-click on the SolidRouteAccountingxx-IE-xxxxxx.exe file to begin the installation wizard (where xx is the version number).
  5. Follow the prompts on the screen clicking the [Next] button to continue.
  6. When presented with the program license agreement, read through it and if you agree to the terms, click on [I Agree] then click [Next] to continue.
  7. When presented with the 'Select Installation Folder', enter the appropriate drive and folder location to install the program to (default C:\Si). Click on the [Browse...] button if it is necessary to change the installation folder then click on [Next] to continue.
  8. Click on [Next] to confirm and begin the installation process.
  9. Once all updated program files have been installed, you will be prompted to enter your software product key. Enter your software product key as supplied with your original purchase, then click on [Next].

    NOTE: if you are upgrading from Solid Route Accounting 9, the system should recall your software product key. If you are upgrading from Solid Route Accounting 2007 or earlier, please contact the Solid Client Services team for assistance.

  10. Once activation has completed and the “Done” message displays, click on [Close].
  11. If you are prompted to run the [System/Upgrade] procedures, click on [Yes] to continue.
  12. When the installation is complete, the 'Installation Complete' window should pop up. Click [Close].
  13. Start Solid Mobile Central and perform any upgrade procedures if prompted.
  14. Start Solid Fusion and perform an up to date data exchange with the main accounting system.
  15. Start Solid MultiConnect and synchronize all mobile units.


For information on licensing or assistance with the Installation / Upgrade procedures, please do not hesitate to contact our Solid Client Services team at 1-888-667-3769 then press 1 (within North America), email a Solid Product Specialist or fax us at 1-612-547-0088.

NOTE: You must have a paid up support agreement to receive assistance.

Last modified on Thursday, 15 February 2018 16:55

Additional Info

  • Software Components: Solid Fusion, Solid Mobile Central, Solid MultiConnect
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