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Article #263 Item Level Discounts in Solid Route Accounting for QuickBooks

Item Level Discounts allows route sales people to give discounts up to a specified maximum on items in a sales transaction.

  1. In Solid Mobile Central, navigate to [Mobile / Configuration] and select the desired mobile unit record to allow Item Level Discounts for from the list atop the screen. In the ‘Options’ below, ensure there’s a checkmark in the ‘Edit Customer Discount Up to’ AND the ‘Edit Customer Discount Up to’ checkboxes, and enter in the upper most amount they are allowed to grant discounts up to. Once set, use the [Apply] button. Repeat these steps for all other mobile unit records that will be able to grant Item Level Discounts.

    Note: the Item Level Discounting adheres to the same maximum limit as specified for the Customer Discount.

  2. In Solid Mobile Central™, navigate to [Company / Configuration / Fusion], and in the ‘Customer Discount Account’, select the appropriate QuickBooks account to post the Customer Discount amounts to (the amounts discounted off the original invoice totals). Consult with the accountant if necessary, and use the [Apply] button when ready to continue.
  3. Open up the QuickBooks company file and Solid Fusion™ as well. In Solid Fusion, use the [Run] button to Import/Export the change into the QuickBooks company file.
  4. Inside the QuickBooks company file, under the ‘Lists’ menu option, select ‘Item List’ and find the newly created item called ‘Customer Discounts’. View this item and ensure the ‘Sales Tax Code’ is set to either Tax Exemption or a tax item with a rate of 0.00%. Use [OK] to apply any change.
  5. In Solid Fusion™, use the [Run] button once again to Import/Export this change.
  6. Sync the handheld computer(s) that this change was made for.

Now, when creating an invoice in Solid Sales Pro™, when adding items to the sales transaction the ‘1134 Order Details’ screen will now show an additional field of ‘Disc: __%’ where the driver can enter in the amount being discounted. The price is automatically adjusted. This information will also be printed as such on the paper invoice, and saved to this invoice’s record.

Last modified on 16 Feb 2018

Additional Info

  • Software Components: Solid Mobile Central, Solid Sales Pro
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