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Article #258 Wi-Fi Setup on Janam XM66 Handheld

How to configure your Janam XM66 handheld to connect to the WLAN:

  1. Tap on [Start / Programs]
  2. Select the [Summit] folder
  3. Tap on the SCU icon
  4. In the "Active Profile" drop-down list change from "Default" to "ThirdPartyProfile"

    Summit Client Utility

  5. You will get the following pop-up message: "A power cycle is required to make settings activate properly", tap "OK"
  6. Power off the handheld
  7. Power on the handheld
  8. Tap on [Start / Settings]
  9. Select the [Connections] tab
  10. Click on the Wireless Manager icon

    Wireless Manager

  11. Select on [Menu / Wi-Fi-Settings], this takes you to the "Configure Wireless Networks" screen with all the available wireless network the device can find

    Configure Wireless Networks

  12. Select the appropriate wireless network. If it has not been configured it will take you to a configuration screen showing the Network name and a "Connect to" drop-down list
  13. Select "The Internet", and click [Next]
  14. Select the appropriate "Authentication" and "Data encryption" for the wireless network you wish to connect to, e.g. WPA-PSK and TKIP, and if necessary enter the network key
  15. Click [Next] and the click [Finish]
  16. The handheld will now connect to the wireless network
  17. You will now be taken back to the "Configure Wireless Networks" showing which wireless network the mobile device is connected to

Last modified on 16 Feb 2018

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