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Article #256 Multi-warehouse (aka Multi-Location) Inventory Control in Solid Route Accounting for QuickBooks

Multi-location Inventory Control (QuickBooks Enterprise Edition only) is an optional licensed feature which allows inventory tracking across multiple fixed and/or mobile sites. For more information and licensing options, please contact a Solid Product Specialist or at 1-888-667-3769 x2.

QuickBooks® Configuration

In order for Solid Route Accounting™ for QuickBooks to make use of QuickBooks’ Advanced Inventory feature you will need to make the following configuration changes:

  1. Create an inventory site for the main warehouse
  2. Possibly, create an inventory site for any alternate warehouses
  3. Create an inventory site for each mobile warehouse

Note: when naming the inventory sites, you will have to adopt a naming convention of a name followed by 3-digits. For example: the main warehouse could be called "Main warehouse 900", or a mobile warehouse could be called "Truck 001". We recommend that for the mobile inventory sites you use the route number from Solid Mobile Central™.

Solid Mobile Central™ Configuration

In Mobile Central™ the following new fields need to be assigned for each mobile unit:

  1. Select [Mobile / Properties]
  2. For each mobile unit select the main warehouse to be associated with the mobile unit, and optionally select the alternate warehouse to be associated with the mobile unit

Inventory Management

Note that both QuickBooks and Solid Mobile Central are configured for multi-location inventory control; the attached document Solid Inventory Management for QuickBooks describes the process of implementing Inventory Management in your company.

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Additional Info

  • Software Components: Solid Mobile Central, Solid Sales Pro
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