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Article #254 A customer record is missing. How can I trace it?

A customer record is missing. How can I trace it?

Note: If indexes are damaged it is possible a customer record is missing. Therefor, a System / Reindex / All in Solid Business Central™ or Reindex in Solid Mobile central™ will repair this problem.

Step 1: Begin in the ERP system. Check to see if the customer record is present.

  • For Solid Business Central™, select [Datafile / Customer / View / F10-Browse] and look for the customer. If it is not present, turn Deleted to Showing using the [F7-Del] key in the View screen and look further.
    • If it is missing in both cases, then you will need to add the customer record.
    • If it shows up when Deleted is turned to Showing, you will need to recall the record. Simply press the delete key in the View screen to recall.
  • For other ERP systems, use the steps appropriate to that ERP system.

Step 2: Assuming you now have the customer record identified in the ERP system, check to see what route, if any, the customer is assigned to.

  • In all ERP systems, the customer record should be assigned to a customer route group (CRG).
  • In Solid Business Central™, the RT field in Datafile / Customer / View is the CRG for this customer.
  • NOTE - if the CRG is blank the system will not load this customer record.

Step 3: Identify which mobile computer the customer record is to appear on.

  • Find the mobile record:
    • In Solid Business Central™, select Datafile / Cost Centre / Mobile and move to the mobile record in question. Look in the field "Customer Groups to Load:".
    • For all other systems, open Solid Mobile Central (SMC). In menu path Mobile / Information, move to the mobile record. Look in the field "Customer Routes" .
  • Customer Routes / Groups - Valid entries here are "ALL" (without the quotations) or a string of numbers.
    • If the word "All" is present, all customer records will load.
    • If the string is a series of routes, it must be in the form off number comma number. For example 001,002,003 will instruct the sytem to load customer route groups 001, 002, and 003. Do not uses spaces or any other punctuation or characters.

Step 4: Now re-sync the mobile computer in question and the mobile computer will load the customer.

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