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Article #239 What are Customer Statement Types?

Answer: Although all the customer statements look the same when printed, the Statement Type controls under what circumstances a Customer Record will have a customer statement print for them. Sometimes it’s desirable for a customer to always have their statement print, even if they have no balance, or maybe a customer is to never have a customer statement print for them. In either case, Solid Route Accounting can accommodate any situation.

To control a customer’s Statement Type:

  1. In Solid Business Central, navigate to [Datafile / Customer / View] and display the desired Customer Record.
  2. Use [F2 – Edit] to make changes to this record, and in the lower right corner locate the ‘Statements’ area.
  3. In the ‘Stat’ field, for Statements, enter in one of the following letters:
    1. N – ‘No, unless a Balance’ (default). Only print customer statements if the customer has an outstanding balance.
    2. Y – ‘Yes, always’. Always print a statement for this customer, even if their balance is at zero.
    3. E – ‘Exception’. Never print a statement for this customer, even if they have a balance.
  4. Save any changes with [CTRL+END] and repeat for any additional Customer Records. These settings can be overridden when printing customer statements for [All] customers, as further instructed in Solid Know How Article #238 How to Print Customer Statements.

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  • Software Components: Solid Business Central
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