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Article #237 How to Hard Reset an Opticon H19 to Factory Settings

Opticon H19Answer: It’s sometimes necessary to erase all the information off of a handheld computer and start afresh. This article describes how to perform a ‘Hard Reset’, otherwise known as a ‘Cold Boot’ or ‘Clean Boot’, on an Opticon H19 series of handheld computer, which will erase all the information contained on it and reset its memory to the default factory settings. This cannot be undone and should only be performed on handheld computers that contain no unsaved data.

Once a handheld computer has been Hard Reset, it’s necessary to reinitialize it with a Mobile Unit Record in Solid Route Accounting before the Solid Sales Pro can be used once again. For this reason, only administrators who know how to reinitialize a Mobile Unit Record should perform a Hard Reset. To perform a Hard Reset on the Opticon H19, perform the following steps:

  1. On the left side of the handheld computer, beside the ‘Volume’ button, there’s a small ‘Reset’ button inset into the casing. Use a small tool, such as a straightened paperclip, to press the inset ‘Reset’ button once, which will turn off the screen to restart the handheld computer.
  2. While the screen is still turned off, press and hold the Power Button, located on the front of the unit. Eventually, after about 5-10 seconds, a blue menu screen will appear.
  3. From this menu, use the ‘Up’ directional arrow on the keypad to select option ‘3. Up Key to Format User Store and DiskOnChip’.

    NOTE: You will only have 5 seconds to make this selection. If the opportunity is missed to make this selection, repeat from the first step once again to bring this menu back up.

  4. The screen will then change to a confirmation screen. Use the left Dash Key [ – ] to select [Yes] to agree to ‘Format User Store and DiskOnChip’.

Once Hard Reset, the handheld computer will then guide you through some initial setup screens, which include a hit detection test, and configuring the proper date and time. Once completed, this handheld computer is ready to once again be initialized to a Mobile Unit Record in Solid Route Accounting. For information on how to initialize a Windows Mobile handheld computer to a Mobile Unit Record, please read Solid Know How Article #218 How to Initialize a Windows Mobile O/S Handheld Computer to an Existing Mobile Unit Record.

Last modified on 16 Feb 2018

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