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Article #230 An Unexpected Error Has Occurred. This Program Must Shut Down. When Opening Solid MultiConnect

Description: When opening Solid MultiConnect, an ‘Unexpected Error’ displays that reads, “An Unexpected error has occurred. This program must shut down. For details see the error log file: C:\SI\error.xml.”
This error is not serious and is caused by having a Windows Mobile Connection configured for Solid MultiConnect, but not having the necessary software to support it of Windows Mobile Device Center.

Resolution: There are two possible solutions to this issue, depending on what needs to be accomplished. Please apply the solution appropriate to the situation:

Solution A:
If the handheld computers connecting to this Solid Route Accounting business system are not Windows Mobile devices, then this Windows Mobile connection type can be removed from Solid MultiConnect to resolve this problem. Once Solid MultiConnect has opened, select the [Options…] button to access the various connection types, and in the ‘Windows Mobile Connections’ field in the top left corner, set the number of connections to ‘0’ (zero). Then [Apply] this change and exit and restart Solid MultiConnect for the change to take effect.

Solution B:
If a handheld computer connecting to this Solid Route Accounting business system is a Windows Mobile device, then the software ‘Windows Mobile Device Center’ will need to be installed anyhow, which will also resolve this error from displaying on Solid MultiConnect’s start up. For further help with this setup, please read Solid Know How Article #183 Windows Mobile Sync Guide for Setup and Installation.

Last modified on Friday, 27 April 2018 17:17

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  • Software Components: Solid MultiConnect
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