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Article #226 Janam XP BarCode Scanner's Not Working

Answer: On very rare occasion, the barcode scanner of the Janam XP series of handheld computers becomes unresponsive. When trying to scan a barcode, the light will come on above the "Janam" name, however the barcode illuminator light won’t light up, the speaker doesn’t beep, and the barcode is not read. This is sometimes caused by a recent trauma to the handheld computer, such as being dropped, shocked, or wet, or even an unknown or indirect cause.

To further determine the severity of the problem, we recommend performing a Hard Reset on the Janam to reset it to its factory settings. This will often correct the barcode scanning issue. If it doesn’t fix the barcode scanner though, then this handheld computer may need to be sent away for repair.

To Hard Reset the Janam:

  1. Complete the day/period end procedures for this handheld computer, such as the Close Cash Out Report, and then sync its data back to the Solid Route Accounting business system so that it won’t be lost when the handheld computer is Hard Reset.
  2. Hard Reset the Janam handheld computer. For information on how to do this procedure, please read Solid Know How Article #42 How can I Hard Reset a Janam XP30 to Factory Settings?
  3. Once the handheld computer has been hard reset, from the Applications (House) screen, there’s a program that looks like a barcode and is called ‘Janam’. Select this program to open the ‘Barcode Scanner Demo’ screen, and try scanning a barcode. When scanning the barcode:
    1. The light above the "Janam" logo at the top of the handheld computer should light orange when scanning a barcode.
    2. The rectangular green ‘Aimer’ should show to indicate where the barcode scanner is pointing.
    3. The red ‘Illumination’ light should flash to illuminate the area being scanned.
    4. The barcode number should then be written in the ‘Bar Data’ field on the handheld computer.
    5. The handheld computer should sound a ‘beep’ when the barcode is scanned.
  4. If any or all the above five things (a-e) did not happen, then this Janam handheld computer will most likely need to be sent away for repair. For further information, please click here to find Janam’s support contact information. If all five things (a-e) did happen, then Hard Resetting the handheld computer would seem to have repaired the problem.
  5. If the handheld computer is now working properly once again, its Mobile Unit Record can then be set to be Reinitialized and the handheld computer can once again be synced to it. For information on how to reinitialize a mobile unit record, please read Solid Know How Article #159 How to Re-Initialize a Handheld Computer or Initialize it for the First Time.

Last modified on 19 Mar 2018

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