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Article #224 The Graffiti Pad Registers the Wrong Letter when I am Writing

Answer: Handwriting recognition has come a long way since first becoming main stream just a few years ago. Back then, not all letters could be written naturally and be recognized by the computers because of similarities, such as comparing an ‘f’ to a ‘t’, and so the user was forced to memorize bizarre codes that looked nothing like the actual letters they represented. Thankfully, hand writing recognition has advance a lot thanks to newer technology, and printed letters can now be recognized correctly.

The difficulty though is that since we are all unique individuals, it also means that we all have unique printing. This makes it more difficult for the computers to ‘understand’ the characters being written. As the graffiti pad is used, it may be observed that although most letters are understood correctly by the computer, certain letters continue to be a problem. For example, a written ‘s’ comes up as ‘g’, or a written ‘u’ shows as ‘v’ or ‘o’. For cases such as these, it’s important to find how these letters can be written so that the computer understands the entry correctly, and then for future instances of writing that letter, write it in the same way.

To learn how devices with a graffiti pad prefer letters to be written, they usually come with a writing guide or tutorial in either the written materials provided with the handheld computer when purchased, or within the handheld computer’s software itself. Find this assistance on the following handheld computers at:

Janam XP series:

From the ‘House’ applications screen, select the ‘Graffiti 2’ application.

Symbol SPT series:

From the ‘House’ applications screen, select the ‘Graffiti 2’ application.

Last modified on 29 May 2018

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