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Article #223 Solid Route Accounting: Limits to Integration

When integrating Solid Route Accounting with your accounting system, one of the most common questions, is "How does Solid Route Accounting (SRA) interact with my accounting system and how does this affect reports?"

The Information Transfer Process:

Most management reports depend on accurate transaction information. If this is a given, then consider:

  1. SRA receives customer, product, and pricing information as setup and maintained in your accounting system by your accounting staff.
  2. Next SRA pushes a subset of this information to the mobile computer where this information is use to guide the sales person in creating accurate transactions.
  3. Next and prior to synchronizing the mobile, the sales person should do a cash out (ie – balance their work) and make any adjustments. Once this step is completed, conduct a synchronization session.
  4. Now, Solid Fusion takes over and automatically submits new transactions to your office accounting system where, in most systems, it is posted to customers and inventory with a reply back to SRA with the transaction number.
  5. Finally, your accounting staff check these transactions and make any necessary corrections.

The Limits on Reporting:

Therefor, if the report in question is more accurate with the transactions from the accounting system, then that report should be made from the accounting system. Most accounting systems provide for report writers giving the ability to report from that system.

Last modified on 16 Feb 2018

Additional Info

  • Software Components: Solid Fusion, Solid Mobile Central, Solid Sales Pro
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