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Article #222 Solid Sales Pro: System Capacities

System Capacities:Important Note: We _strongly recommend_ that the client apprise us of their situation (customers, products, and prices). Only through careful analysis can it be determined if a particular customer`s needs will be met. Simply taking the following information and attempting to extrapolate it is likely to yield unsuitable results.

Mobile computers:

  • The new class of mobile computers, such as Janam XP 30 and the Windows Mobile 5 & 6 computers, will handle up to 32,000 records in any one of the tables.
  • While there are over 50 tables on the mobile, there can be 32k records in each of customer, inventory, and invoice tables.
  • History and pricing tables are also limited to this size, and in practice, can present the limiting factors.
  • Direct consultation with Solid with the client’s specific needs can normally provide clear guidance on this question.
  • Note also that the system provides methods to reduce the numbers of customers and products with related pricing and history information.
  • Behind the scenes, the operations of Solid MultiConnect allow for many more times these capacities.

Practical Limits:

  • In practice, clients will often operate with up to 7,500 products, 150 customer records, and numerous pricing scenarios with related history and still have room to produce over 200 transactions in a week.

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