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Article #208 How to Charge Janam Handheld Computers, their Batteries, and What the Lights Mean

Answer: Ensuring that the route sales people are able to get the most out of their handheld computers includes making sure they have enough power to make it through the work day. This of course means that the Janam handheld computers need to be fully charged before they head out to make sales. Ensuring that the batteries are fully charged and paying attention to what the charging/status lights are telling you is important to their regular use.

How to Charge:

An important thing to know is that the Janam’s battery does charge while still inside the handheld computer. In fact, it is not recommended to remove the battery to charge it as this not only increases the likelihood of data loss or corruption, but it also increases the physical wear on the handheld computer itself, increasing the chance of breakage. To charge the battery while still inside the Janam, simply connect a charging cable to the base of the Janam, or place the Janam in an office cradle. The charge light atop the Janam should illuminate indicating that it’s receiving power to the battery.

If a Janam office cradle is available, a spare battery can be charged by placing it in the charging slot at the rear of the cradle, ensuring the battery contacts match up with the charging pins on the cradle. Once pressed into place, the charge light on the cradle should illuminate indicating that the battery is receiving power and is charging.

Note that if the charge light doesn’t illuminate, to first confirm that the power cable is plugged correctly into both the power source as well as the cable or cradle connected to the Janam. If the charge light is still not illuminated, try re-seating the Janam or the battery to establish a better connection.

What the Lights Mean:

When a Janam or battery is charging, the charge light on the Janam or the office cradle illuminates as three possible colours to indicate the current charge status.

  1. Green Light: The battery is fully charged and ready to use. A full charge typically takes around two hours to complete.
  2. Orange Light: The battery is currently charging. When completed, this light will turn green.
  3. Red Light: There’s a fault with the charge. The Janam, the battery inside the Janam, or battery in the charge slot in the cradle may not be seated correctly, or the battery may be completely dead and in need of replacement.

Note: When charging a battery using the battery charge slot on an office cradle, the charge light will first cycle Green, Red, and then Orange. It’ll remain Orange until fully charged, at which point it will change to Green.

Last modified on 16 Feb 2018

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