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Article #203 Can an Internal IP Address be made Static so that it'll Never Change?

Answer: Similar to External IP Addresses, a Local IP Address can also be made ‘Static’ so that it won’t change as other devices are connected and disconnected from the office’s network. The most common problem for clients that use Wi-Fi wireless networks to sync their handheld computers is that their Local IP Address will change unexpectedly, which causes the handheld computers to be unable to connect with the office PC running Solid MultiConnect. This is often caused by other wireless or wired devices connecting to or disconnecting from the office network on which this connection type relies upon.

The best solution to this, of course, is to make the Local IP Address of the office PC that runs Solid MultiConnect Static so that it’ll never change unexpectedly, meaning the handheld computers will always be able to locate it on the network. Configuring an office PC to have a Static Local IP Address though is a procedure that we cannot provide support on, due to the many different office computer and network configurations. As such, to configure your office PC to use a Static Local IP Address, please consult a computer specialist who will be able to further assist you.

Last modified on 16 Feb 2018

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