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Article #192 Some Files Need Upgrading! You Must Run Solid Mobile Central, First!

Description: When opening Solid MultiConnect or Solid Fusion for the first time on a new month, the warning, “Some files need upgrading! You must run Solid Mobile Central, first!,” will display. This message may also read, “Some data files require upgrading! Please run Mobile Manager to upgrade them.”

Resolution: At the beginning of each new month, Solid Mobile Central requires that it be able to perform a month-end reporting routine from the previous month’s transactions to ensure its data integrity and accuracy. To resolve, simply close out of all other Solid Innovation software components, such as Solid MultiConnect and Solid Fusion, on all workstations and open Solid Mobile Central. When asked by Solid Mobile Central if today is the date displayed, verify the date and if it’s correct, accept it with [Yes] to continue and allow it to do its month end reporting.

If the date is incorrect, select [No], verify your computer system’s date, and then try opening Solid Mobile Central once again. Once Solid Mobile Central has completed it’s month end reporting, it’ll open to its usual menu screens and show Mobile Information. It’s now ready to resume regular operations.

Prevention: Make it part of procedure that on the first day of a new month, to close all Solid Innovation software on all workstations, and run Solid Mobile Central to perform this month-end reporting process, and then resume operations.

Last modified on 16 Feb 2018

Additional Info

  • Software Components: Solid Fusion, Solid Mobile Central
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