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Article #187 Windows Mobile OS Wi-Fi Internal and External Wireless Sync Setup Guide

Although Windows Mobile devices have a strong sync solution in that of using a USB cable to connect the handheld computer to the server computer, Wi-Fi enabled devices can also be configured to sync wirelessly through internal or external Wi-Fi hot spots. An Internal Wireless Sync is the easiest to set up and to maintain, since an External Wireless Sync has the added requirement of having to adjust the internet router's configuration settings. Luckily though, the setup for both Internal and External Syncs are nearly identical.

For that reason, please follow the steps below to configure the handheld computers for Internal Wireless Sync, and perform the additional ‘For External Wireless Sync’ steps only if configuring for an External Wireless Sync setup.

1. Setup Solid MultiConnect for Windows Mobile Wireless Connections.

  1. Start Solid MultiConnect on the server.
  2. Click on the [Options] button and find the ‘Windows Mobile Connections’ field in the top left corner. This field controls how many Windows Mobile handheld computers can sync simultaneously, regardless of their sync method. If currently at ‘0’ (zero) or if more simultaneous connections are desired, increment this number of Window Mobile Connections.
  3. Having a number greater than zero in the ‘Windows Mobile Connections’ filed is the only prerequisite for syncing by using the USB Sync Cable or by using a Internal Wi-Fi Wireless Connection.
  4. Optional: If the handheld computers will by syncing by using and External Wi-Fi Wireless Connection, then the ‘Solid MultiConnect host name’, which will by default show this computer’s Internal IP Address, needs to be replaced with the External IP Address the handheld computer is to connect to. To find the External IP Address to sync to, click here to display the company internet modem’s External IP Address, using the computer that's running Solid MultiConnect.
  5. Once the Windows Mobile Connections settings are in place, click on the [Apply] button to accept these settings, and then [Exit] and restart Solid MultiConnect for these changes to take effect.
  6. Once Solid MultiConnect is started back up, sync the handheld computer by using the USB Sync Cable to apply these changes to it. Once this sync completes successfully, the handheld computer is now ready to connect to a wireless network and sync without the help of the USB cable.

2. For External Wireless Sync Only

When a handheld computer syncs from an external connection, the signal is directed to the company’s internet modem by way of its External IP Address, as was set in step #4 in the previous section. Once it arrives at this internet modem, the connection is then passed to the internet router, which needs to be set up to redirect that connection to the server PC that's running Solid MultiConnect. Windows Mobile sync connections arrive at the internet router on port number 34701. Because of this, port 34701 needs to be set up to forward all incoming sync connections to go to the Internal IP Address of this server PC so that Solid MultiConnect can receive the sync signal.

  1. Open port 34701 on the internet router:
    Edit the company internet router’s firewall to forward port 34701 to point the server PC’s Internal IP Address. You may need to contact your system administrator, computer technician, or internet router’s technical support to perform this task.
  2. Purchase a Static External IP Address (Preferred but not required):
    By default, an External IP Address for an internet modem, which is assigned and controlled by the company’s Internet Service Provider (ISP), is dynamic, meaning that it can be changed by the ISP at any time without prior consent. In such cases, an External Wireless Sync will fail until the External IP Address is revised in Solid MultiConnect, and the handheld computer synced by USB to match the new External IP Address of the internet modem, as per the instructions in Section 1 above. By calling the ISP though, a static External IP Address can be ordered, which will never change to help ensure that handheld computers syncing externally will be able to establish a connection with Solid MultiConnect more reliably.

3. Connecting to Wi-Fi Wireless Networks

The following instructions may vary slightly depending on the Windows Mobile device and version or Windows Mobile being used.

  1. On the Windows Mobile handheld computer, tap on the ‘[START]’ button, followed by selecting ‘Settings’ from the ensuing menu. Then tap on the ‘Connections’ tab along the bottom and select the ‘Wireless Manager’. If ‘Wi-Fi’ is listed as ‘off’, tap on this setting to enable Wi-Fi, which should after a while change to ‘Available’.
  2. Now once again, go to ‘[START / Settings / Connections]’ and this time select ‘Wi-Fi’, which should display a list of all wireless networks in the area. Ideally, only use connections with 3 or 4 bars of reception to ensure an uninterrupted sync.
  3. There are two types of networks that may be listed: Secure and unsecure. To connect to an unsecure network, simply tap on that network to select it, and use the [Connect] button to perform a connection test that should come up with the status of ‘Connected’.
  4. Secure network connections are so indicated by a small lock icon showing to the left of that network’s signal strength. To enter in the security settings to use a secure network, tap on that network to select it, and then tap on [Connect], which will prompt that the security key be entered in.
  5. Once a network has been connected to, return to the ‘Solid MultiConnect Client’ on the handheld computer, and tap on the [Sync] button to wirelessly sync this Windows Mobile handheld computer to Solid MultiConnect on the server PC.

Last modified on 16 Feb 2018

Additional Info

  • Software Components: Solid MultiConnect
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