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Article #183 Windows Mobile Sync Guide for Setup and Installation

The versatility of Solid MultiConnect™ allows Windows Mobile handheld computers to connect to Solid Route Accounting™ business systems, giving our clients even more choice when it comes to choosing what handheld computers to use. Although the end result of being able to make mobile sales is the same, the setup for syncing Windows Mobile handheld computers differs from other operating systems, and accordingly requires the following set of instructions. Please follow the steps below to:

  1. Get the Windows Mobile handheld computer connected to the office PC
  2. Configure Solid MultiConnect™ and sync the handheld computer for the first time

Step 1: Get the Windows Mobile Handheld Computer Connected to the Office PC

In order for the office PC to recognize that a Windows Mobile handheld computer is connected to it, we need to install a Microsoft software component called Windows Mobile Device Center (Windows XP users will need to use ActiveSync instead).

  1. To determine what operating system you are running, by clicking on Start button, and right-click on Computer (or My Computer) and from the menu, select Properties. Under ‘Windows edition’ it should be Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.

    NOTE: If instead of ‘Windows edition’, it says ‘System’ and the system is Microsoft Windows XP, then click here to download ActiveSync instead. If Windows XP is the operating system being used, the following instructions won’t match exactly with what you’ll experience, however the steps are similar enough just the same.

  2. For Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 users, further down under System the System type field will indicate whether this is a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system, so the correct option can be chosen on the Windows Mobile Device Center download page.

    NOTE: for Windows 8 users, before installing Windows Mobile Device Center you need to enable the .NET Framework 3.5 as described in the following Solid Know How™ article:
    Article #277 Enabling .NET Framework 3.5 in Windows 8

  3. Click on the appropriate link to download Windows Mobile Device Center:
  4. Click on the [Continue] button on the following page to validate the Windows being used. Once validated, the [Download] button can be used to download Windows Mobile Device Center. If given the option, choose [Run] to download and run this installer immediately. Alternatively, choose [Save As] to save it onto the computer, and once downloaded, double-click on this downloaded file to install the software.
  5. Once the installation is complete, connect the Windows Mobile handheld computer to the office PC via USB cable. The computer should recognize that a handheld computer is being connected, and after a short while, Windows Mobile Device Center should open, and give the option to ‘Set up your device’. Click on this option to be able to ‘Set Up Windows Mobile Partnership’. Unless there are reasons otherwise, we generally recommend ensuring all these options are unchecked to speed up the sync process. Use [Next] when ready to continue.
  6. Next, this device can be given a name if so desired, and choose if a desktop icon should be made for this application as well. Click on [Set Up] to complete. The Windows Mobile Device Center will be returned to, and the handheld computer’s name as set will show, and there should be a green checkmark next to the word ‘Connected’.

Step 2: Configure Solid MultiConnect with a Windows Mobile Connection Type and Sync the Handheld Computer for the First Time

Since by the end of this set of instructions the handheld computer is to be initialized and have Solid Sales Pro installed, please ensure that this handheld computer’s mobile unit record is set to be initialized before continuing on. For information on handheld computer initialization, please read Article #159 How to Re-Initialize a Handheld Computer or Initialize it for the First Time.

  1. Open Solid MultiConnect. If Solid MultiConnect has not yet been configured, a warning will display informing of such. Use [OK] to continue and Solid MultiConnect will now be opened. Click on the [Options] button, where connection types can be configured. In the top left corner, increment the ‘Windows Mobile Connections’ field.
  2. Beneath this, the ‘Solid MultiConnect host name’ field will become active, in which we need to enter in this computer’s full computer name. To find this name, click on the ‘START’ button, right-click on ‘Computer’, and from this menu, select ‘Properties’. The system information window will now show, and under the ‘Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings’ section, copy down exactly the ‘Full computer name’. Then, back in Solid MultiConnect’s connection options window, enter this name in the ‘Solid MultiConnect host name’ field.
  3. Once this full computer name has been entered, use the [Apply] button to apply this connection type. A warning will show informing that Solid MultiConnect must be exited and restarted for this change to take effect. Use [OK] to accept this and return to the connection options window, and use [OK] to close these options and return to Solid MultiConnect, where the [Exit] button should now be used to close the program.
  4. At this point, the Windows Mobile handheld computer should still be connected to the office PC, and the mobile unit record should be set to be initialized.
  5. Now, restart Solid MultiConnect. As soon the program opens, a Solid MultiConnect notice should display informing that, “A handheld has been connected which does not have Solid Sales Pro installed on it. Would you like to install it now?”
    Answer [Yes] to continue.
  6. After a few moments, the handheld computer will start an installation wizard. Always ensure that ‘Device’ is selected, and use the [Install] button at the bottom to proceed through the screens. If a warning shows regarding ‘Setupcabs.exe cannot be opened’, this is normal behaviour. Use [OK] to close that warning and continue the installation.
  7. When the installation completes, the connection program on the handheld computer called ‘Solid MultiConnect Client’ will start automatically and establish a connection to Solid MultiConnect running on the office PC.
  8. On the office PC Solid MultiConnect will recognize that this is a new handheld computer and ask that a Mobile Number be chosen for this handheld computer. Select this handheld computer’s mobile unit number from this list and use the [OK] button to continue. NOTE: You have 30 seconds to choose the correct mobile unit number to assign to this handheld computer. If this opportunity is missed, simply tap on [Sync] on the handheld computer to once again be given this opportunity.
  9. Once the mobile unit number has been chosen, the handheld computer will sync for the first time. When completed, the handheld computer should report ‘Done (Success)’, and a new button will appear. Tap on the new [Exit and run Solid Sales Pro] button to continue and open Solid Sales Pro for the first time!
    Note: On Solid Sales Pro start up, if warnings appear regarding ‘Symbol Integrated Scanner Required’ or ‘Barcode scanner was not detected’, simply use the [OK] buttons on these notices to continue.

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  • Software Components: Solid MultiConnect, Solid Sales Pro
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