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Article #181 Customer Order (Pre-sell) Feature Details in Solid Sales Pro

Purpose: This feature has many common uses:

  • Pre-sell - Used to obtain customer orders to be filled later.
  • Delivery Confirmation - where orders are created at another location then filled at another mobile computer.
  • Trade Show Order Entry - to obtain customer orders at a trade show.

Note: This is a separately licensable feature that needs to be purchased from your system supplier. On most systems this feature is available fully integrated with any of the other mobile transaction types. Creating Customer Orders:

  • Transactions are created in exactly the same fashion on the mobile computer as are invoices. The transaction is simply coded as "O" for "Customer Order" or "Pre-Sell" instead of "B" for "Bill" or "Invoice".
  • As items are added to the transaction in the usual way. The usual pricing rules apply.

Altering Pre-sell Orders:

  • Pre-Sell transactions may be altered on the mobile computer until such time as they are synchronized.

Finalizing Pre-sell Orders:

  • If finalized as a "B" for "Bill" or "Invoice" and quantities are reduced below the amount previously saved, an option is given to place the remaining items on back order.
  • Note: This feature must be enabled in Solid Mobile Central or the ERP system's administrative console.

Back Orders:

  • If back order is enabled, then a reduction in quantities from those previously saved will prompt operator with "Place unfilled items on back order?".
  • If operator responds with "Yes", then unfilled quantities are left on the present transaction number as a "Customer Order" while filled quantities are placed onto a new transaction number, as an "Invoice".

Modifying a Customer Order:

  • To re-select a customer order, select the customer in screen 1100 and a button will appear if that customer record has open orders.

Other Notes:

  • A customer order may be placed on a mobile from another mobile (by going through Solid Mobile Central) or from the host ERP system. While on the mobile the transaction may be modified by adding or changing items, and optionally closed as a finalized transaction.

Last modified on 16 Feb 2018

Additional Info

  • Software Components: Solid Sales Pro
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