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Article #179 How to Manually Adjust a Customer's Balance?

Answer: From time to time, for various reasons, it may be necessary to manually adjust a customer’s balance within Solid Route Accounting – Enterprise Edition. Thankfully, not only is this possible within Solid Business Central, but it’s also traceable, like any other transaction, by creating an Interest or Discount type of transaction within the ‘Sales’ screen. A Discount type of transaction is used for giving credit to a customer’s account, whereas an Interest type transaction is used to add to the customer’s balance.

  1. In Solid Business Central, navigate to [Sales], and if a second menu level opens up select [Sales] once again, to arrive at the ‘Sales’ screen, and select the customer with the balance that needs to be adjusted.
  2. Next, set the ‘Type’ field to the type of transaction that needs to be made. To add to their balance use Interest, and to subtract from their balance use Discount. For example, if a customer has a balance of $50.00, an Interest transaction of $200.00 would bring their balance to $250.00, whereas a Discount of $200.00 would bring their balance to -$150.00.
  3. Once the ‘Type’ has been set, use [CTRL+Page Down] to enter the BODY of the transaction where the words, “Give Amount Interest/Discount:,” will be displayed. Enter in, using positive numbers, the amount of Interest or Discount being given, and use [CTRL+END] to save this transaction.

The customer’s balance should now be updated to reflect this change.

Last modified on Friday, 16 February 2018 13:19

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  • Software Components: Solid Business Central
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