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Article #178 Special Pricing Options in Solid Route Accounting for QuickBooks

Most companies have a need to some degree to be able to create and control special pricing for the items they sell to the customers they visit. Thankfully, Solid Route Accounting for QuickBooks can accomplish this need in a few different ways, which gives any company the flexibility they need to keep their pricing accurate. The sections below outline these various methods, and how they can be accomplished.

Manually Adjust Prices at Time of Sale

All for QuickBooks users can grant their route sales people the ability to modify the price of the items they’re selling at the time of invoicing those items. To enable this ability in Solid Mobile Central, in [Mobile / Configuration] select the desired mobile unit record from the list up top, and in the ‘Options’ area, place a checkmark in the ‘Edit Wholesale Prices’ checkbox (‘Edit List Prices’ is for editing Suggested Retail Price). [Apply] that change, and sync the handheld computer. Now, when adding items, they can adjust the amount in the ‘Price’ field, which is the field for the price that the item is being sold at.

Customer Discount Percentage

Also available for all for QuickBooks users, Customer Discounts allows administration to set an upper most percent that their route sales people can grant a customer a discount of, at time of sale. The route sales people when saving the invoice are then able to enter into a discount percentage field how much this customer will enjoy off of their invoice total, up to that maximum set in their mobile unit record. For more information on how to set up and use this special pricing feature, please read Article #175 Customer Discounts in Solid Route Accounting for QuickBooks.

Item Level Discounts

In addition to Customer Discounts, QuickBooks users can also enable the option of Item Level Discounts. This allows their route sales people to grant a discount for each item added to the sales transaction, up to that maximum set in their mobile unit record. For more information on how to set up and use this special pricing feature, please read Article #263 Item Level Discounts in Solid Route Accounting for QuickBooks.

Price Levels in QuickBooks

A great new feature available through special license is the ability to extend the Price Levels available in QuickBooks to control the special pricing for customers within Solid Sales Pro. Price Levels allows pricing to be set by percentage or individually specified price for any customer within the QuickBooks company file. This special pricing is then extended out to Solid Sales Pro through Solid Fusion. For more information on how to set up and use Price Levels, please read Article #176 Creating and Using Price Levels in Solid Route Accounting for QuickBooks.

Standing Orders for Customer Records

Although not specifically designed for the purpose of special pricing, Standing Orders can also be set up to accomplish this task, and much more. A Standing Order is like a customer order that always stays with that customer’s record. This is useful for customers that frequently purchase the same items and quantities at certain prices. When a route sales person arrives at the customer’s site, they can select the existing Standing Order to add its contents/items automatically to the invoice being created. Those items can then be adjusted as needed, and saved as a finalized invoice, which saves the route sales person time at the customer’s site since many items are automatically added to the new invoice through the Standing Order. Standing Orders are a specially licensed feature, and for more information about how to create and use them, please read Article #177 How to Create and Use Standing Orders.

Last modified on 16 Feb 2018

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  • Software Components: Solid Mobile Central
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