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Article #172 How to Configure Wireless Bluetooth Printer on Palm OS Handheld Computers?

Answer: Using Bluetooth devices, such as wireless printers and barcode scanners, help to increase the efficiency of the company, without the bother of having to deal with cables. For handheld computers enabled with Bluetooth, once the handheld computer has been initialized to its mobile unit record, the configuration for printing to wireless Bluetooth devices is fairly simple. For information on how to initialize a handheld computer, please read Article #159 How to Re-Initialize a Handheld Computer or Initialize it for the First Time.

Also ensure that the Mobile Unit Record for this handheld computer is set to the correct printer type/number for the printer being used. If set to the incorrect printer type/number, the result could be a print out that’s difficult to read. Once the handheld computer has been successfully synced, follow these steps to set up wireless Bluetooth printing:

  1. From the House (Applications) menu, select 'Prefs', and then tap on the wording in the top right corner to display the 'Preferences Menu' and from that menu select 'Bluetooth'.
  2. Change 'Bluetooth' to 'Enabled'. After a few seconds the 'Address' will be found, and then change 'Allow Wakeup' to 'Yes'. Use the [House] button to return to the Applications menu.
  3. From the House (Applications) menu, a new icon should be visible called ‘PrintSetup’. Select this icon to be greeted by the ‘PrintBoy Setup’ wizard. Select [Cancel] to proceed to the ‘PrintSetup’ configuration.
  4. In the ‘Printer’ field, select the printer being used, or the option that best describes that printer. Once selected, use the [Edit] button to further configure this printer.
  5. Under ‘Communications’, change the ‘Port’ from ‘IrDA’ to ‘Bluetooth’, and use the [OK] button to continue.
  6. PrintSetup will then ask if you would like to make this printer your default printer. Answer [Yes] to continue back to the ‘PrintSetup’ screen, and use [OK] from this screen to be returned to the House menu.
  7. Now log into Solid Sales Pro, and once the password has been entered and the date has been verified, the ‘Main Menu’ will be arrived at. From this menu, select [Properties] and [Printing], and ensure that ‘Available’ is set to ‘Wireless’ on the ‘4400 Print Options’ screen. Use the [OK] button to accept this setting, and resume operations.

When printing, the handheld computer should now scan for wireless Bluetooth devices in the area, and its printer should be selectable for printing from this list.

Last modified on Friday, 27 April 2018 17:20

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  • Software Components: Solid Sales Pro
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