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Article #168 How to Soft Reset a Symbol SPT 1800 Handheld Computer?

Answer: Symbol SPT 1800 handheld computers, although no longer in production, continue to provide a vital mobile solution for distribution businesses. On rare occasion though, as with all software and hardware, problems can occur that may cause the handheld computer to be unresponsive, or other kinds of errors that could prevent it from working properly. In such cases, a Soft Reset is a safe way to restart the handheld computer.

To begin, remove the battery cover from the back of the unit. DO NOT remove the battery as this will erase all the data on the handheld computer. Once the battery cover is removed, when looking at the back of the unit, there should be a small black button to the right of the battery, with the word, ‘RESET’, written above it. Gently press and release this button once. The Symbol’s screen should then restart and display the Palm Powered logo.

Replace the battery cover, and once the handheld computer restarts, it will open to the ‘Preferences: Date & Time’ screen. Choose the House button to return to the applications screen and resume operations. It’s also a good idea after a soft reset to sync the handheld computer as soon as possible to ensure the safety of the handheld computer’s un-synced data.

Last modified on 16 Feb 2018

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