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Article #165 How to Add a Customer Record to a MultiVendor / Super Customer?

Answer: MultiVendor suppliers, also known as ‘Super Customers’, allow payments to be made directly to a supplier record, who then in turn reimburses the company for the sale. Once this relationship has been set up, it’s then easy to add new or existing customers to this relationship as the need should arise. Please follow the steps below for whichever Solid Route Accounting business system is being used.

Enterprise Edition Users:

For information on how to set up a new MultiVendor, please read Article #88 How to Create a MultiVendor in Solid Business Central.

  1. In Solid Business Central, navigate to [Datafile / Customer / View] and display the desired customer record.
  2. If this is a Branch Office customer, then ensure that the Head Office Customer Record that it belongs to is assigned to the MultiVendor Record by following the steps in the next step(3) below.
  3. If this is a Head Office or Independent customer, while viewing their Customer Record, press the [Insert] key once to change the menu along the bottom to be the ‘Customer Add New Info Menu’, and from this menu use [F6 – Super Customer Product Info] to display a list of all MultiVendor Records this Customer Record is currently assigned to. This will be blank of course if this customer has not yet been assigned to any MultiVendor Records.NOTE: If the desired MultiVendor Record already exists in this list, then no further work needs to be done. If the desired MultiVendor Record is not yet present in this list, then continue onto the next step.
  4. To assign this customer record to an existing MultiVendor, use the [Insert] key once again to add a new MultiVendor to this list. In the ‘Super Customer’ field, either enter in the MultiVendor’s customer number or type in part of the MultiVendor’s name and use the [Enter] key to select it from the customer list.
  5. The ‘Bill To’ field is typically set to ‘C – Company’s Configuration’ and ‘Pay to Super Customer’ is left at ‘Y’. Use [CTRL+END] to save this record, and when finished adding MultiVendors, use [Escape] to return to the list of MultiVendors, where the new MultiVendor Record should now be added. Use [CTRL+END] once again to save this assignment and this setup is now complete.

Last modified on 16 Feb 2018

Additional Info

  • Software Components: Solid Business Central
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