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Article #158 The Handheld Computer / Solid Sales Pro is Frozen Up

Description: While working in Solid Sales Pro, the screen has become unresponsive to touch actions as well as key presses. Turning the system off and back on does not resolve this.

Resolution: The handheld computer will need to be soft reset (also known as a “warm boot”). If in the system froze in the middle of creating a transaction, that data may be lost as a result of this process. Once the handheld computer restarts, re-entering Solid Sales Pro may automatically begin a system check process to verify the system’s integrity. Do Not Interrupt this Process. Once back in Solid Sales Pro, resume normal operations. After a soft reset, the handheld computer should be synced at the nearest opportunity to ensure all transactions are brought into the Solid Route Accounting business system.

For information on how to soft reset a Janam XP series of handheld computer, read Article#69: How to Soft Reset a Janam XP Handheld Computer.

Last modified on Friday, 16 February 2018 13:34

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  • Software Components: Solid Sales Pro
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