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Article #153 What is Cost Center 998 and Adjustment Cost Centers / Warehouses Used For?

Answer: Cost center 998 is simply the default Adjustment Cost Center for Solid Route Accounting – Enterprise Edition. Adjustment Cost Centers can be though of as the garbage collector for inventory quantities. All damaged and expired returned goods, as well as all inventory adjustments through inventory counts, are sent to Adjustment Cost Centers, where they can be considered, and eventually written off by the company.

For companies concerned with spoiled returns and inventory shrinkage, it’s recommended that for each Fixed and Mobile Cost Center that they create and assign two Adjustment Cost Centers. The first is for spoiled returns as specified in the ‘DamagedStk Adj_to’ field, and the second for inventory adjustments as specified in the ‘Adj_To’ field. For further information on how to create and assign Adjustment Cost Centers, please read Solid Know How Article#72: How to Create and Assign an Adjustment Cost Center.

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  • Software Components: Solid Business Central
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