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Article #151 How Can I See What Inventory is in Which Cost Center / Warehouse?

Answer: In any company, it’s important for the administrative staff and business owners to be able to view what inventory is in which location at any given time. Solid Route Accounting – Enterprise Edition allows all inventory to be monitored accurately from one central location, at Solid Business Central. When speaking about inventory, there are really two common questions of, “What inventory is where,” and, “How much inventory is in this location?”

1. What inventory is where?

For the answer to this question, the best place to look is an item’s Cost Center Quantities. In Solid Business Central, navigate to [Datafile / Inventory / View] and display the desired inventory item. By using [F3 – CC_Qty], a list of all the company’s inventory will show, and the item being viewed will be highlighted automatically. By using [TAB] to move over to the right, columns can be viewed for each cost center such as ‘Qty001’, ‘Qty998’, ‘Qty999’, and so on that show how much quantity of that item is in each of those cost centers.

Inventory Valuation for ALL with Item Details
Inventory Valuation for 000 Detail

To print a report with similar data on it, try the Inventory Valuation Report, which can be found at [Datafile / Inventory / Report / Valuation]. This report can be printed to show the inventory quantities in any specific cost center, or use ‘000’ when asked to ‘Choose Group’ to include ALL cost centers. If printing for ALL cost centers, once the ‘Order’ is set, answer ‘Yes’ to the question, “Print Detail,” to not only print out the total quantity for every inventory item included on the report, but it will also print how much is in each cost center to make up that total.

Inventory Valuation for 999
Inventory Valuation for 999

2. How much inventory is in this location?

The answer to this question can readily be found in Solid Business Central at
[Datafile / Cost Center / View]. Use [Page Up] and [Page Down] to display the cost center (‘Num’) in question, and that cost center’s total inventory value is readily displayed in the ‘Inventory Value’ field. If more details are needed though, use
[F3 – Qntity], and once a beginning date for the history is set, use [CTRL+END] to continue. This will display a list of all the available inventory in a top pane, and by highlighting an item, its history for the time period specified will display below.

Viewing a Cost Center's Quantities

Cost Center Qty

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