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Article #144 Can Customers in Solid Sales Pro Be Set to Have a Default Payment Type?

Answer: All invoices and orders created in Solid Sales Pro are set to ‘Payment: Charge’ by default. This is not a customer record controlled feature but rather a default, non-changeable setting of Solid Sales Pro. If there is a concern though that customers may be charged who are not allowed to have a balance with the company, then the customer records should be set to have an allowed credit limit of $0.00.

If an invoice with a charge payment type is mistakenly created for a customer with a credit limit of $0.00, Solid Sales Pro will by default alert the route sales person that this customer is over their credit limit. Then, depending on their mobile unit record’s configuration, it will either allow them the option to proceed or prevent them from saving this transaction until the payment type is changed. See the section below for the business system being used for further details.

Enterprise Edition Users:

  • To set a customer’s credit limit in Solid Business Central, navigate to [Datafile / Customer / View] and display the desired customer record. Use the [F2 – Edit] key and change the ‘Lmt’ field in the top right corner to any desired credit limit value, including $0.00 to give them no credit limit. Save any changes with [CTRL+END].
  • To disable/enable credit accounts entirely for a customer, in Solid Business Central navigate to [Datafile / Customer / View] and display the desired customer record. Use the [F4 – Credit] key to disable or enable a customer’s credit account. Note that in order to disable a customer’s credit account, their balance must first be at $0.00 by paying off outstanding transactions by using a Received On Account (ROA).
  • To control what action a route sales person can take when an invoice encounters a credit limit, navigate in Solid Business Central to [Datafile / Cost Center / Mobile] and display their mobile unit record. Use [F2 – Edit] and in the ‘Mobile Options’ area, the ‘Cred Limits’ field can be set to ‘W – Warn and Allow Override’, ‘I – Ignore Credit Limit’, or ‘N – No Override’. Save any changes with [CTRL+END].

for QuickBooks,
Microsoft Dynamics GP Edition,
Dynamic 3i Edition,
FACTS Edition,
Eyewear Genetics Edition,
Integration Edition Users:

Customer credit limits are set within the office accounting software being used. Please consult training materials for the accounting software being used with Solid Route Accounting for information on how to set credit limits for customer records.

Last modified on Tuesday, 20 February 2018 09:46

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  • Software Components: Solid Business Central, Solid Sales Pro
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