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Article #127 Connecting With the Desktop Using WLAN

This article is for handheld computers that are having trouble with syncing through an external Wi-Fi internet connection that they have reliably synced from in the past.

If this message is showing for an Internal Wi-Fi Sync connection, please read Article #89 Can't Sync the Handheld Computer by Wi-Fi Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN).

For steps on setting up a new External or Internal Wi-Fi Sync connection instead, please read Article #116 Janam Palm OS Wi-Fi Sync Setup Guide.

Description: When attempting to sync, the handheld computer shows, “Connecting with the desktop using WLAN,” but eventually times out with the warning, “The connection between your handheld computer and the desktop could not be established. Please check your setup and try again.”

Resolution: This message indicates that the handheld computer is connected to a wireless internet router in the area, but the connection is not being received by Solid MultiConnect at the other end. The fist thing to check is to ensure that Solid MultiConnect is indeed running on the office computer! Aside from that, this is most often caused by a changed IP Address.

  • The IP Address that the handheld computer is attempting to sync to can be found on the handheld computer from within the ‘HotSync’ screen by tapping on the word ‘HotSync’ in the top left corner to present the ‘Options’ menu, and then choose ‘Primary PC Setup’. The IP Address is listed in the ‘Primary PC Address’ needs to be the same as the External IP Address that the company’s modem is using. To verify the External IP Address, click here to verify the company’s current External IP Address from the computer that’s running Solid MultiConnect. Adjust the number on the handheld computer if this IP Address has changed, and then try the sync again. NOTE: This particular problem can be avoided by purchasing a Static External IP Address from the company’s Internet Service Provider.
  • If the External IP Address on the office computer matches the ‘Primary PC Address’ on the handheld computer, but this problem is still happening, it could be that the Internal IP Address of the computer that’s running Solid MultiConnect has changed within the company’s local computer network. For wireless syncing, the internet router has been set up to forward all incoming sync connections from the internet on port 14238 to go to the server PC that’s running Solid MultiConnect. If that server PC’s Internal IP Address has changed, then the sync signal will not get through to Solid MultiConnect because of it. First, to find the Internal IP Address on the Server PC running Solid MultiConnect, click on the [START] button, followed by [All Programs / Accessories / Command Prompt]. Once the black Command Prompt window displays, type in ‘ipconfig’ followed by the [Enter] key, to display this computer’s Internal IP Address, listed as the ‘IPv4 Address’ in Windows Vista and Windows 7. It’s often, but not always, in the format of 192.168.#.###. Then verify that the company internet router’s firewall is set to forward port 14238 to point the server PC’s Internal IP Address. You may need to contact your system administrator, computer technician, or internet router’s technical support to perform this task. Once that’s been confirmed and adjusted if needed, then try the External Sync again.

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  • Software Components: Solid MultiConnect, Solid Sales Pro
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