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Article #123 Eject and Replace Disk Messages During System Backups

Description: During the process of creating a system backup in Solid Business Central, the message shows, “Step 2: Releasing iomega Drive. Please press the Eject button on the iomega Drive. When the disk pops out, please remove it and replace with backup disk for tomorrow.”
At the end of the system backup process in Solid Mobile Central, the message shows, “Please Eject the Disk and Replace it with the Backup Disk for Tomorrow.

Resolution: Solid Route Accounting business systems’ system backup procedures are compatible with many different types of removable storage devices including Iomega zip disks, and USB memory sticks. As the solid state USB memory sticks are taking over from the Iomega zip disks due to their improved reliability, such messages are still necessary for those who are still using Iomega zip disk technologies. All clients who are using USB memory sticks can ignore such ‘Eject Disk’ messaged, however as recommended they should still remove the USB memory stick that they back up onto from the PC and store it in a safe off-site location.

Last modified on 20 Feb 2018

Additional Info

  • Software Components: Solid Business Central, Solid Mobile Central
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