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Article #118 Connection Failed, No AP Found

This article is for handheld computers that are having trouble with syncing through a Internal or External Wi-Fi internet connection that they have reliably synced from in the past. If you want to set up a new Internal or External Sync connection instead, please read Article #116 Palm OS Wi-Fi Sync Setup Guide.

Description: When attempting to sync, the message displays on the handheld computer, “Connection failed, no AP found,” where AP stands for Access Point. This means the handheld is not able to connect to any wireless internet connections it has successfully connected to in the past, in this area.

Resolution: The most frequent cause of this issue also happens to be the easiest to check. Often, as computers and other wireless devices connect to and disconnect from the wireless network, the Internal IP Address of the office computer running Solid MultiConnect can change, causing Solid Sales Pro to sync to a the incorrect address. For information on how to verify this address and get the sync connection working again, please read Solid Know How Article#89: Can’t Sync the Handheld Computer by Wi-Fi Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN).

If the problem persists, then it may be that the wireless network cannot be connected to. To verify this, from the main ‘HotSync’ screen on the handheld computer, tap on [WLAN], followed by the [Details] button to scan for all wireless networks within your area. Any network with a blue dot to the right of its name indicates a connection that has been connected to in the past.

  • Wireless networks listed with a red circle with a line through it for the reception indicator means that those networks that are out of range. Try moving closer to that network’s internet router's location, and tap on the [Scan] button to rescan the area to see if its signal strength will improve.
  • If the handheld computer is within range of a network that should be available, but on the wireless scan it’s still coming up as unavailable, try unplugging the power going to the internet router for 15 seconds, and then plug the router back in. After the router powers back up, try the [Scan] button again to see if the signal strength improves.
  • If the signal strength is good, but when the [Connect] button is used, it’s still coming up as ‘No AP found’, then check with the internet router’s owner to see if the security settings might have changed for this connection. Use [Edit / Configure] to make any changes to the security settings, and then try the connection again.

Last modified on Tuesday, 20 February 2018 10:05

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  • Software Components: Solid Sales Pro
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