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Article #113 I Want to Upgrade My Hardware. Do I Need to Buy All New Handheld Computers at Once?

Answer: Hardware upgrades with Solid Route Accounting do not need to be a fleet-wide purchase. One of Solid Route Accounting business systems’ greatest advantages over other route accounting systems is its ability to operate many different types and makes of handheld computers, over multiple popular mobile operating systems simultaneously. Because of this, for companies with multiple mobile unit licenses, if they ever need to upgrade or replace existing handheld computers with newer models, they can do so while still operating their other current handheld computers to help the transition go smoother and be less expensive. This allows company owners to replace their route sales people’s handheld computers gradually, or try out new handheld computer models, before committing to buy for their whole fleet.

Although the Solid Sales Pro software component is compatible with the Palm and Windows Mobile operating systems, Solid Innovation has taken the time to research which handheld computers have proven to be stable and reliable for our clients to use. Please contact a Solid Innovation Product Specialist for a free hardware consultation before committing to purchase any new hardware, and also view our catalogue of recommended products on our Solid Store. We want you to benefit from our years of experience in the route accounting industry to ensure that the hardware you purchase will not only be compatible with the Solid Route Accounting software, but will also be the right fit for your company.

Last modified on 20 Feb 2018

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