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Article #109 What's the Difference Between Using 'Reload Price List' or 'Reinitialize' to Update Inventory on the Handheld Computers?

Answer: The Inventory Price List is automatically sent to the handheld computers only once a week, on the handheld computer’s first sync after Thursday, in a process known as ‘reloading the price list’. This means that any changes to inventory records including addition, deletion, and price changes, will only be brought onto the handheld computers on their first sync after Thursday. However, this process can be manually set at any time to bring inventory item changes onto the handheld computers, so the route sales people can stay up to date on any inventory changes.

The ‘Reload Price List’ option is available for mobile unit records within all Solid Route Accounting business systems, and is specifically designed for the task of updating inventory records on the handheld computers. By using this feature, the only extra data sent to the handheld computers, in addition to the data sent during a regular sync, is the Price List information, which will only slightly lengthen the sync session’s duration. For further information on how to set this ‘Reload Price List’ flag for all Solid Route Accounting business systems, please read Article #26 New Inventory Items or Price Changes are Not Updated on the Handheld Computer.

Reinitialize is a process that signals to the handheld computer when it’s syncing, to first remove all valuable information out of Solid Sales Pro, and then perform a fresh installation of Solid Sales Pro onto the handheld computer. This process will significantly lengthen the sync session’s duration since all Solid Sales Pro information is reloaded onto the handheld computer during its next sync. Although a ‘Reinitialize’ will also “update” the Inventory Price List, since it completely re-installs everything onto the handheld computer, it will also reset any Solid Sales Pro configurations that were set within the Solid Sales Pro program.

The ‘Reinitialize’ flag is typically only used when a new handheld computer is being associated to a mobile unit record for the first time. In rare circumstances, typically under the guidance of a Solid Innovation Customer Service Representative, or the instruction of a Solid Know How article or video tutorial, this flag must be set as part of the trouble shooting process. As with any sync, but especially after a Reinitialize, the route sales people should ensure that they can log into Solid Sales Pro before leaving the warehouse, or where they synced, to ensure the software’s operating correctly.

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  • Software Components: Solid Business Central, Solid Mobile Central
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