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Article #106 Cannot Quit Visual FoxPro

Description: When trying to shut down or restart the office computer, a warning displays, “Cannot Quit Visual FoxPro [OK].”

This message is often the result of improper software shut down, such as power failure, system freeze up, or otherwise exiting the Solid Route Accounting software improperly.

Resolution: The best way to resolve this is to restart the computer system. Of course since this message displays as a result of attempting to do just that, this makes it a difficult situation. Click on the [OK] button on the warning, which will hopefully allow the computer to continue with its shut down or restart procedure.

If the message displays again, keep clicking on the [OK] button to make the message go away. If after ten or so attempts the message is still popping up, it may be necessary to forcefully restart the computer by holding down the power button on the tower for 5 seconds. WARNING: This is not a proper method of shutting down a PC and should only be done in extreme circumstances when no other option is available. Solid Innovation is not responsible of any damages that may result from taking this action. For questions or concerns, please consult your local computer specialist for further guidance.

Prevention: Ensure that all staff are familiar with proper exiting procedures for Solid Route Accounting software. Also have preventative office equipment in place, such as using surge protection and UPS battery backup devices, and check regularly to ensure that they’re in proper working order.

Last modified on 20 Feb 2018

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