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Article #90 Stock Reconciliation Report

The Stock Reconciliation Report allows you to print a daily or trip summary report of the stock depletion amounts on the mobile handheld unit. Not only will this assist with restocking, it will also provide valuable information as to which products are selling best and which others are not.

To turn this feature on for your Solid Route Accounting Mobile Handheld Units:

  1. Start Solid Mobile Central and highlight select the mobile unit you wish to edit.
  2. Select menu path [Mobile / Configuration]
  3. Check the “Print Stock Reconciliation” option and click on [Apply] to save the changes.
  4. Start Solid MultiConnect and synchronize the respective mobile handheld unit.

Repeat these steps for each mobile unit you wish to assign this feature to.The Stock Reconciliation Report is printed on the mobile unit at the same time you produce the daily cashout report in Solid Sales Pro. Note: You must do this before you hotsync the mobile unit.

  1. Start Solid Sales Pro on the mobile handheld device.
  2. From the Main Menu, tap on [Day/Trip End]
  3. Tap on [Close Cash Out]
  4. Review the transactions and totals on the 3100 Cash Out screen and when ready, tap on [Finalize This Cash Out] followed by tapping on [OK] to confirm.
  5. Once the Cash Out Report has completed, you will be prompted with "Would you like to print a Stock Reconciliation report?". Tap on [OK] to proceed with printing the report.

Last modified on Tuesday, 20 February 2018 10:30

Additional Info

  • Software Components: Solid Mobile Central, Solid Sales Pro
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