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Article #80 Invalid System Date. Contact your System Administrator.

Description: When logging into Solid Sales Pro, after tapping on [Yes] to confirm today’s date on the '0002 Date Setup' screen, the warning, “Invalid System Date. Contact your System Administrator,” displays. This message is caused by one of three things. Either the handheld computer has not synced in over 10 days, the date is set to a format other than Month / Day / Year (MM/DD/YY), or the Server PC's date has changed.


  1. To confirm that the handheld has been successfully synced within the past 10 days, from the applications menu, select the HotSync button. The date of the last successful HotSync should be displayed at the top of the screen. If this date is older than 10 days, sync this handheld computer successfully to be able to resume Solid Sales Pro operations. This 10 day lock-out period is a safeguard against major data loss, should something happen to the handheld computer while in the field, such as theft or system breakage. With this safeguard in place, only 10 days worth of transactions can be lost at the very most, as opposed to 20 or even 30 days worth of work.
  2. To confirm that the date is in the correct format of Month / Day / Year on a Palm O/S handheld computer, from the House/Applications menu, select ‘Prefs’ to display the handheld computer’s preferences. Tap on the wording in the very top right corner of the screen to display a list of menu options, and from this menu, select ‘Formats’. Verify that the 'Date' format is set to M/D/Y, and then use the House button to return to the applications menu.
  3. If the above two solutions have been verified as not being the cause, then it could be that the office computer that the handheld computer syncs to has had its date changed and that it's now incorrect. On the office PC, verify that the date and time is correct, and if a change needed to be made, sync the handheld computer once again to update Solid Sales Pro with the correct date and time.

Prevention: Handheld computers should be synced on a daily basis if possible or at least at the end of every work period. This will not only prevent data loss if something happens to a handheld computer, but will also help to ensure that route sales people may never have to experience this warning. It’s also a good business practice for all route sales people to log into Solid Sales Pro before leaving the main warehouse or sync location to ensure that they can access Solid Sales Pro before driving to their first stop.

Last modified on Tuesday, 20 February 2018 10:40

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  • Software Components: Solid Sales Pro
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