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Article #79 Can Mobile Unit Records be Set to Sort and Display Items by Description Instead of by Part Number by Default in Solid Sales Pro?

Answer: When manually adding inventory items to a transaction within Solid Sales Pro, such as on the '1131 Add Items' screen when making an invoice, the inventory list can be switched from being sorted by Part Code or Description by using the [Part] or [Desc] buttons respectively. It’s possible though to control how these inventory items are sorted by default, when the route sales person first enters one of these display screens, by adjusting a setting within their handheld computer’s mobile unit record. Setting this default sort order within their mobile unit record will still allow them to switch between these two sort types of part code and description as needed on the handheld computers, when viewing items in a list screen.

Enterprise Edition Users:
In Solid Business Central, navigate to [Datafile / Cost Center / Mobile] and display the mobile unit record that needs to be adjusted. Use the [F2 - Edit] key to make changes to this record, and find the ‘Sort’ field in the bottom left corner. Set this field to P to by default display items by Part Code, or to D to display by Description. Save any change with [CTRL+END], and sync the handheld computer for the change to take effect.


for QuickBooks,
Microsoft Dynamics GP Edition,
Dynamic 3i Edition,
FACTS Edition,
Eyewear Genetics Edition,
Integration Edition Users:

In Solid Mobile Central, navigate to [Mobile / Configuration] and select the mobile unit record that needs to be adjusted from the list at the top of the screen. Set the ‘Inventory Sort Order’ field to P - Part or D – Description to control how inventory items will be listed by default. Save any change with the [Apply] button, and sync the handheld computer for the change to take effect.

Last modified on 20 Feb 2018

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  • Software Components: Solid Business Central, Solid Mobile Central, Solid Sales Pro
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