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Article #70 Before Running Modem HotSync, Select the Service to Dial Into. Wi-Fi Wireless Sync.

Description: When attempting to sync by using a Wi-Fi wireless connection, the message shows, “Before running Modem HotSync, select the Service to dial into. The Service includes the phone number and other information required by the host service. Tap “Select Service” to select and setup a Service.”

This typically occurs after the handheld computer was soft reset, which causes a HotSync setting to become reset as well.

Resolution: From the House/Applications menu, select HotSync to arrive at the HotSync screen. The HotSync type should still be set to Modem, however the service type under the on-screen HotSync button is changed back to ‘Select Service’. Tap on ‘Select Service’ to be taken to the ‘Preferences: Network’ screen. Ensure that the Service type is set to WLAN, and use the [Done] button to return to the HotSync screen. WLAN should now show beneath the HotSync button, and the handheld computer should now be able to sync wirelessly with Wi-Fi once again.

Last modified on Tuesday, 20 February 2018 10:45

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